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About the group








OOO Apto-Pharm Laboratory


Future Technologies Today

Apto-Pharm is developing new generation branded drugs based on aptamers - small DNA and RNA molecules.

The function of aptamer nucleic acids is the targeted and selective interaction with protein or chemical molecules, and sometimes even with whole cells, rather than the storage and transfer of information.

Aptamers have a number of advantages compared with traditional drugs

Advantages of the Technology:

Low toxicity and specificity for the body

Absence of an immune response in the patient’s body

High efficiency and accurate effect

Nucleic acids rapidly disintegrate in blood and can be utilized by the body

Some common attributes with monoclonal antibodies making it possible to treat similar diseases

Possibility to create an antidote (anti-aptamer) blocking effect of the aptamer

Aptamer (Primer) Synthesis Services

If you have proprietary developments based on this technology, we can offer you the services of our modern laboratory for the synthesis of aptamers (primers).

With our modern laboratory equipment you can reach your goals.

To place an order for synthesis, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you, or call us


Universal technological and analytical laboratory with high-tech equipment

Automated synthesizer of oligonucleotides

ABI 3900 High Throughput Nucleic Acid Synthesizer (Applied Biosystems)



Chromatograph for the preparative purification of oligonucleotides

AKTA Purifier UPC 100 (GE Healthcare Life Sciences)



Concentrator for boiling

down oligonucleotide solutions during their post-synthetic purification

Concentrator plus/Vacufuge plus (Eppendorf)


High-efficient liquid chromatograph

Agilent 1200 (Agilent), models:

1100/1200 Quaternary Pump G1311A,

1200 Diode Array Detector G1315D, 1100/1200 Column Thermostat G1316A, 1100/1200 ThermostattedAutosampler G1329A,

1100/1200 12PS/13PT Valve G1160A,

1100/1200 Fluorescence Detector G1321A, 1100/1200 Automatic Fraction Collector G1364C, 1200 Sample Thermostat G1330B


Biowave II+ (Biochrom) and Genesys 10uv (Thermo Scientific)

Capillary electrophoresis

Agilent 7100 (Agilent) with fluorescent detector

ZetaLIF Discovery (Picometrics)

Fluorescent spectrophotometer

Cary Eclipse (Varian) and fluorescent plate reader Infinite M200 Pro (Tecan)

Microscope Olympus IX81 (Olympus) and Flow Cytometer C6 (Accuri

Electric distilling apparatus with water treating plant and collector DEVS (Elecon-M), water treatment system Milli-Q Advantage A 10 System Q-POD Dipenser (Millipore), water treatment system UVOI “M-F” (Mediana Filter)

Autoclave DGM-300 (DGM Pharma-Apparate Handel AG)

And other auxiliary equipment:

Analytical scales (Sartorius), thermostats (Biosan), centrifuges (Eppendorf, Thermo Scientific), vibration mixer (Biosan), pipettor sets (Eppendorf), magnetic mixers with heating (Heidolph), universal pH-meter (Hanna Instruments), refrigerator MDF-U333 (Sanyo Electric Co), refrigerators LG GA-479 UTMA (LG Electronics), refrigerator Sanyo (-70C) - for general laboratory needs: preparation of auxiliary solutions and formulations and their storage

Computers and printers (Samsung, HP) - for fitting out all devices and processing of results




Key approaches to research

The development and pre-clinical study methods of aptamer nucleic acids are described in the publications below by associates of Apto-Pharm.

The results of the research point to the excellent scientific and practical potential of our team of scientists and guarantee the quality and timely provision of aptamer (primer) synthesis services





Doctors of Science


Candidates of Science


years average age

Alexey Mikhailovich Kopylov

Doctor of Chemistry

Head of the Scientific Department

Galina Valerievna Pavlova

Head of the Biological Unit, Scientific Department

Andrey Viktorovich Golovin

Doctor of Chemistry

Head of the Chemical Unit, Scientific Department

Yury Ivanovich Loginov

General Director

Roman Vladimirovich Reshetnikov

Biophysics expert, specialist in biological processes computed modelling

Elena Gennadievna Zavyalova

Specialist in biochemical processes kinetics

Askar Damirovich Turashev

Candidate of Chemistry

Specialist in chemical analysis

Olga Mikhailovna Antipova

Specialist in quality control

Alexandr Vladimirovich Revishchin

Candidate of Biology

Specialist in immunohistochemistry


Who we are, what we do and what we believe in

Apto-Pharm was set up in 2009 by two scientific teams representing the Moscow State University (MGU) and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN). The MGU team set up the chemical unit of the scientific department of Apto-Pharm, and the RAN representatives founded the biological unit.

With the funds provided by Pharmeco, a high-tech laboratory was built and equipped at Kolomensky Proyezd where Apto-Pharm is located.

Today Apto-Pharm is developing drugs in several areas. More details are available in the Our Research section


Our Patents

Our Publications


To be done


Contact phone number:  +7 495 725 44 68

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