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Social responsibility






Striving for integration

We seek to unite our efforts, creating continuous synergy inside our team and in projects with our partners


We move quickly and meaningfully

Our Group consists of several segments with different functions, but connected by our common vision and goals

Research and developments

Production site



  • Apto-Pharm

    Development of new generation branded medicinal products.

    Synthesis of aptamers for biotechnological companies and research and scientific institutes.

    Staff: 17 scientific associates

    Year of establishment: 2009


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  • Fabrika Biopolimerov

    A pilot modern laboratory conducting research and development of innovative biotechnological drugs (biosimilar antibodies, gene engineering blood factors, peptides and hormones).

    Staff: 14 scientific associates

    Year of establishment: 2014


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  • IRWIN 2 (unit)

    A modern laboratory (unit) at IRWIN 2 OOO developing drugs under the import substitution program (Pharma 2020 strategy).

    Staff: 23 scientific associates

    Year of establishment: 2014


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  • Dobrolek

    The plant packages finished medicines in the form of bulk and prepackaged medicinal products.

    Staff: 79 persons

    Year of establishment: 2011


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  • ZiO-Zdorovie

    The plant manufactures, stores and sells non-sterile solid dosage forms: tablets, coated tablets, capsules, powders and granules in sachets, packages its own products, and manufactures and packages drugs on contract.


    Staff: 250 persons

    Year of establishment: 2001


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  • Diaprocess

    The plant assembles, tests and sells automated immunological analyzers on an OEM basis.

    It provides consumers with reagent kits for analysis.

    Staff: 16 associates

    Year of establishment: 2014


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  • IRWIN 2

    Национальный дистрибьютор, осуществляющий реализацию продукции на розничном и госпитальном рынках с помощью собственной логистической сети.

    Штат: 355 человек

    Год создания: 2001

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A trip through history

Our greatest ability is not that we have never failed, but that we would rise up whenever we failed

  • Fabrika Biopolimerov

    Pilot biotechnological center for the creation of innovative biotechnological drugs

    Staff: 30 associates

    Year of establishment: 2013


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  • Probiomed

    A joint venture with the Mexican biotechnological company Probiomed, set up to register and manufacture biotechnological products.

    Staff: 8 associates



From simple distribution to

full cycle

We have evolved from a classical distribution company into a complete vertically integrated group of companies.

We are continuing to evolve and enhance our culture and business.

This improvement process is continuous; it is like the “φ” spiral, φ’losophy of life and improvement.



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